Monday, March 21, 2011

Adele- British Vocal Powerhouse

A fantastic young artist who has burst onto the scene the past couple of years is Adele, a lovely lady from Britain. She has rocketed to stardom with her album 19, and has continued her amazing vocals and classic style on her new album 21.

The first song I'm sharing is Hometown Glory, an anthem of what it means to experience the place that helped shape you into the person you've become. I'm giving you the live version, because you'll quickly realize that the beauty of her voice doesn't rely on studio enhancement.

The next track is a favorite of mine, called Set Fire to the Rain. It's from her new album, which is where you can find other amazing songs like Rolling in the Deep.

I hope you can come to appreciate these fantastic songs like I have, and see the beauty in an approach to music that stands apart in the modern music scene.