Sunday, March 27, 2011


Most of you have probably heard of, if not listened to, Rammstein at some point or another. But this morning, I heard this song:

Frühling in Paris (Spring in Paris)

I loved it. It's got a slower pace, but it's still got that heavy rock sound they're so famous for.

Here is what is arguably their most famous song, at least here in the States, and a supremely badass one at that:

Du hast (You have)

And one more that I found on Youtube, and just listened to for the first time:

Fueur Frie (Fire Free)

These guys are so full of win it's ridiculous and it makes me want to learn German more than ever. I was already planning on it, but this just motivates me more.


  1. They are pretty freaking awesome...Haven't listened to them in a long time, though.. They are gonna get some ipod love this week though, thanks to you!

  2. rammstein has the heavy metal kind of sound i like :)

  3. that first one was pretty soothing. :D

  4. haha everyone knows du hast, such a catchy song

  5. I remember them! great stuff