Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Citizen Cope

This guy has a unique, but amazing, sound. He's another American, but it's what I can think of off the top of my head at the moment, as I find myself with a few spare minutes. All of your comments were really kind, and this is the easiest blog to update, so I can do it quickly.

My favorite song of his, by far:

There is also a Santana remix, with Santana's guitar laid over it. Check it out, it's awesome.

Here is another great, and more upbeat, song by Citizen Cope:

He's got a really soulful sound. It's good stuff. He's also the guy who made that song "Let the Drummer Kick." You may have heard it around. I think it was used in some commercials and stuff.



  1. indeed, a nice soulful sound. :D

  2. Great song... Check out my new blog, if you haven't already!

  3. he should change his name to citizen dope

  4. Man, I love his stuff.. I was an idiot and somehow missed him live when he came through Fayetteville Arkansas...

    Still kicking myself in the ass for that. You have great taste in music! Gonna keep checking you out!

  5. Agree with Addict, very nice